About AMHA


AMHA was born in 1997 to create social awareness about mental challenges and to create a loving and caring home for the mentally challenged adults. AMHA helped parents of such persons to stand up to the noxious realities of life.

The inspiration, motivation and strength behind AMHA are personal experience. The founder of AMHA, Dr.P.Bhanumathi carries on this service alongside her fulltime job as a college professor at Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, Kerala.

Founded as a small organization in a classroom of a Lower Primary school owned by Ayyanthole Panchayath, Thrissur District of Kerala State, in 1997, AMHA is today a fully functional non-governmental, non-profit social welfare organization registered under Charitable Societies Act.


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What AMHA is doing to give a face to these challenged persons

  • Provide a home for the poor and destitute mentally challenged adults where they can live with love, dignity and self esteem
  • Rehabilitate mentally challenged adults who are underprivileged in all respects
  • Provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation and Drama therapy
  • Provide counseling for parents and care givers.
  • Conduct social awareness programmes
  • Conduct medical camps for the mentally challenged persons of the district and provide education and mentoring and other help needed
Conduct Drawing, Painting and Theater camps for the mentally challenged persons.

AMHA Wishes To Change

Attitudes towards the mentally challenged vary mostly between sympathy, over protection and ridicule. Instead, they need an inclusive environment which helps them to grow- within their potential, inherent strengths and limitations. A major obstacle to be overcome in the adjustment of the disabled to the “normal” world around them is FEAR- fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of ridicule and the fear of isolation.

AMHA aims to remove that fear by developing feelings of usefulness and responsibility among the mentally challenged. By inculcating a sense of purpose and personal growth in them, these individuals can be made to feel loved and needed. Eventually, as their sense of self worth increases, they will be equipped with greater mental, emotional and psychological strength

Present Office Bearers